FTE (Flat Twin and Earth) - Cable Specifications


FTE (flat twin and earth) cable is for direct installation without further protection in roofs, floors and under plaster in houses, offices and buildings. It’s neat, low profile also allows for surface installation.

As FTE cable is manufactured to SABS 1507, it is approved by municipalities and other major utility companies and is also used by electrical contractors and electricians.


High conductivity solid or stranded, plain annealed copper conductors, insulated and colour coded with general purpose grade PVC. These insulated cores plus a bare copper earth wire are sheathed with flexible grade PVC in a flat parallel configuration.

Voltage Rating
Test Voltage
Current Capacity AC
Temperature range
Flexibility Class
Conductor Type
Insulation Material
Sheath Material
Sheath Colours
Core Colour (Twin and Earth)
(SABS 1507-2)
300/500 Volts
2250 Volts
As per table below
-10˚ to +80˚C
1 & 2
High conductivity annealed copper
General purpose grade PVC
Flexible grade PVC
White & Black
Red, Black and Bare copper earth


Size mm²No. of CoresEarth mm²Nominal AmpsNominal Breadth & HeightMass Kg/100m
1.02+1.0147.6 x 4.16.35
1.52+1.0228.5 x 4.68.16
2.52+1.53010.1 x 5.411.93
4.02+1.54011.9 x 6.417.50
6.02+2.55113.4 x 6.923.54


Available in 100 metre shrink-wrapped coils, 1000 metre drums available on request.