HOUSE WIRE - Cable Specifications


HOUSE WIRE is used for the wiring of all types of control panels, buildings, factories, relay racks etc.

General purpose HOUSE WIRE is used by electrical contractors, electricians, municipalities and all major switchboard manufacturers.


High conductivity annealed stranded copper conductors, insulated with general purpose grade PVC in plain colours.

Voltage Rating
Test Voltage
Current Capacity AC
Temperature range
Flexibility Class
Conductor Type
Insulation Material
Colour Options
(SABS 1507-2)
600/100 Volts
3000 Volts
As per table below
-10˚ to +80˚C
1 & 2
High conductivity annealed copper
General purpose grade PVC
Blue, Black, Red, Violet, Green/Yellow, White,
Orange, Pink, Grey, Brown and Yellow


Size mm²Stranding No x DiaNominal Dia600/1000VMass Kg/100m
Cubicle Wiring Amp Ratings
1ph 220V3ph 380V
1.57 x 0.533.118162.38
2.57 x 0.673.624213.43
4.07 x 0.864.632285.67
6.07 x 1.065.141367.82
10.07 x 1.376.1575012.24
16.07 x 1.727.1766818.46
25.019 x 1.388.41018925.60
35.019 x 1.629.512511034.70
50.019 x 1.8811.315113447.20
70.019 x 2.2812.619217166.10
95.019 x 2.5015.823220797.60


Available in 100 metre shrink-wrapped coils.