XLPE - Cable Specifications


XLPE cable is used to supply power to all types of indoor and outdoor mobile and portable machinery in wet, oily, all weather conditions.

It is used on building and construction sites, in workshops, mines, dockyards, opencast mining, road works and factories.


High conductivity bunched, flexible copper conductors, insulated and colour coded with XLPE. Insulated and twisted and filled with PVC to give the cable a round finish. Final protection is with a tightly bonded, water, oil and abrasion resistant PVC.

Voltage Rating
Test Voltage
Current Capacity AC
Temperature range
Flexibility Class
Conductor Type
Insulation Material
Sheath Material
Sheath Colours
Core Colours
(SABS 1507-4 as a guide)
600/1000 Volts
3000 Volts
As per table below
-10˚ to +90˚C
4 & 5
High conductivity annealed copper
Flexible grade PVC
Red, Yellow, Blue, Black


Size mm²Stranding No x DiaNominal AmpsmV dropNominal DiaMass Kg/100m
Amps / m
1ph 220V3ph 380V1ph 220V3ph 380V
1.527 x 0.262523292510.916.55
2.544 x 0.263532281511.921.73
4.049 x 0.314542119.513.429.56
6.074 x 0.3159547.36.415.2540.68
10.0130 x 0.3181754.43.818.064.15
16.0200 x 0.311081002.82.420.289.61
25.0312 x 0.311371271.71.525.3139.93


Available in 500 metre drum lengths. Cut lengths are also available on request.

This product is sequentially marked at one metre intervals for your convenience and security.